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Covid-19 Update as of May 1

ECDC’s Old-Fashioned Fun and Whole Child Development is and always has been small, thoughtfully designed groups of campers and staff experiencing the wonder of camp in the outdoors. This core value is ideal as we adapt the “smaller picture” details to ensure we are operating as safely as possible and following all guidelines from our regulatory agencies. While camp will look a little different, we are confident it will feel like the welcoming joyous space it always has been. 


We require all families and participants to adhere to these in order to maintain the healthiest environment possible. Because of the close contact within a camp community, and to mitigate the risks, we have implemented new protocols and procedures, summarized below.

    • Daily COVID-19 health screening of all campers and staff.
    • Campers will be health screened by camp staff prior to entry to camp.
    • Campers will be placed in cohorts or small, consistent groups based on age (maximum of 14 campers each), with 2-3 counselors.
    • Children will be required to wear masks during drop off/pick up, indoors, and bus/van rides. Campers will be welcomed to remove their masks whenever in their small groups and outdoors.
    • Community distancing between pod groups, whenever possible.
    • Activities are held outdoors in the fresh air.
    • Current heightened hygiene protocols for cleaning, hand washing and disinfecting with limited shared equipment, where possible.
    • Campers will daily pack their own snack and lunch and will eat in their regular small groups. No food will be shared between kids and groups.
    • Communication, education, and training of staff for COVID-19 and use of current and best practices will be implemented.
    • Plan for quarantine and reporting should an outbreak occur, which includes communication with local health authorities.


Acknowledgment of Risk

As we know, COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future. No matter what procedures and protocols are put in place, there is simply no way to guarantee that COVID-19 or any other communicable disease will not enter the camp. By the very nature of the personal interactions that take place in a school or camp environment, there is always a risk of your child contracting this or other  infection. We will do everything within our power to design and implement low exposure environments with children’s health and safety as our top priority at Emerald Cove Day Camp this summer.  In addition, we will be relying on you to help ensure your kids are arriving healthy to camp each day. 

Please call 949-361-3077 or email with any questions related to COVID-19. We would be happy to discuss our policies and procedures to help you determine if camp is a good fit for you and your child this summer. If 2021 isn’t the right summer for your family to come to camp, we hope to see you at Emerald Cove Day Camp in the future!